Added online payment from MonoPay

Today, the functionality for online payment of orders using the MonoPay payment gateway was added to our program. The functionality is absolutely free for all our customers, you only pay the payment system fee and accept payments to your current account. Now your customers will be able to pay for any order online as conveniently as possible. You can connect to the payment gateway and get all the necessary information by following the link on the MonoBank website For settings in CRM, you will only need a Token, which you will receive from MonoPay after signing the necessary contract.
Next, we go to the settings in our CRM. Go to the Company - Details section (select the necessary details) and select MonoPay for online payment, specify the fees, as well as the counterparty and destination for payment of the payment system fee, and also specify the Token:
This is the end of the setup, and now when you create a customer payment using the selected details for which MonoPay payment is configured, you will see a button for online payment under the amount:
When you click, you will see the following payment page, a link to which you can send to the client for online payment:
Also, your customers can pay for the order online in their personal account, for this you need to go to the required order on the Price tab:
Online payment is also available in led forms for Services. To be able to make an online payment, you need to go to the required led form and in the Online payment setting, select the necessary details on which the MonoPay reception is configured: